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minimal, utilitarian workspace for creative writers.

Whether you are an aspiring writer honing your craft or a seasoned wordsmith tuning the world to your thoughts, Papyr lets you focus on what truly matters: your ideas and words.

Story Seed

story seed

An interactive, AI facilitated epic learning experience integrated into Papyr.

Generative workshop. Inspirational references. Instant feedback. Experience magical learning and unleash the storyteller in you.

papyr is respectful

  • Papyr does not track any of your activities.
  • All your data is exportable to open data formats.
  • Your data never leaves your browser / app until you export.
  • StorySeed requires interaction with AI programs. We store essential data on our servers.
  • Anonymized requests are sent to AI programs to provide assistance.
Papyr Workspaces

papyr is inclusive

Papyr is free to use.

StorySeed and other AI powered features will be included as optional paid products later.

You can pay whatever you want (minimum $12/year) whenever you can for the core Papyr editor.

Why pay for free software?