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a gorgeous, minimal workspace handcrafted for poets

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venba is useful

Handy writing tools

  • Syllable Counts
  • Highlights for Rhymes / Alliterations
  • Highlights for Sentence Length Variation
  • Easy Word Counts
  • Daily Prompts (Coming Soon!)

Simple submission workflow

  • Edit multiple poems
  • Add multiple author bios and cover letters
  • Keep notes
  • Add poems to documents
  • Export documents to Word
Venba Collection

venba is infinite

Organize your poems and documents spatially on an infinite canvas. Use the minimap to navigate around your workspace.

Venba Infinite

Use multiple workspaces to manage your own poetry collection and your favorites.

venba is minimal

  • Writing Haiku or Tanka or Sonnet? Use the syllable counter.
  • Are you big on Rhymes or Alliterations? Use the highlighter.
  • Writing Prose poems? See if you write like a rainbow.
  • Word count just a button click away.
Venba SyllablesVenba Provost

Hide away all the tools and use them only when you need them.

Venba Minimal

Focus on your words.

venba is smart

Your documents are alive. When you edit a poem, all the documents containing that poem are automatically updated.

Venba Smart

venba is gorgeous

Choose from 15 color themes to set the mood and get inspiration flowing.

Venba Gorgeous

venba is respectful

  • Venba does not track any of your activities.
  • All your data is exportable to open data formats.
  • Your data never leaves your browser / app until you export.
  • Updates require your permission.
Venba Workspaces

venba is inclusive

Venba is free to use.

You can pay whatever you want (minimum $12/year) whenever you can.

Why pay for free software?

If you prefer poorly produced video demos…

We've made one just for you!